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What Are Awning Windows?

An awning window is a type of crank-out window, much like a casement window. Comparatively, the awning window features hinges located on the top, and the window opens outward from the bottom, whereas the casement would swing open like a door. Awning windows are frequently operated using a simple crank located at the bottom of the window, allowing for smooth and easy operation and access to plenty of fresh air.

In most cases, awning windows do not feature any muntins and are made up of a single glass pack (available in dual-pane and triple- pane). Awning windows are available in thermally broken aluminum frames, vinyl-clad wood, aluminum clad-wood, and high-quality vinyl, providing a wide range of material options suitable for any preference or taste. The frames can come in a wide variety of colors as well, depending on the frame material type chosen.

Most commonly, awning windows are used in areas where traditional windows do not quite suit, or as an accompaniment to other windows in order to add visual interest and more natural light or ventilation. Like casement windows, awning windows are very popular in living areas, restrooms, and kitchens.

Awning windows are also ideal windows for rainy days, as you can crank open the window to allow natural ventilation while still providing some protection from the rain. Because the window cranks up, the sash itself will block most of the water from coming into your home.

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The Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows are a popular window type that are commonly seen in tons of Phoenix area homes. The most notable benefits include:

Top-class ventilation – Casement and awning windows—the two types of crank windows are the absolute number one choice for home ventilation. They open completely as one large vent and are especially popular for rainy days!

Excellent natural light – Because awning windows feature an unobstructed glass pane, they let in tons of light. Perfect for restrooms and darker areas in the home!

Material diversity – The wide range of material options and design types available with awning windows makes customizing your replacement awning windows easy and enjoyable.

Added distinctive look – Awning windows are very popular in hybrid or contemporary home design for their blend of unique looks and excellent functionality.

Energy-efficient windows – When closed, awning windows are weather-tight, making them very effective for keeping conditioned air in and outdoor air where it belongs. They are much more effective than single sliding or single-hung windows because they close like a refrigerator, creating a very tight seal.

Security – Awning windows are excellent nighttime ventilation windows. They can be wide, yet still short enough to prevent intruders from entering – especially when placed high on the wall.

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