Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery

Before and after in Scottsdale.

A lot of people in town have these three window breakfast nooks. Notice in the before, the center window was a single slider, and the side windows were single hungs. This places a vertical bar in your line of sight in the slider and a horizontal bar in your line of sight in the single hungs. In the after picture we installed crank out casements on either side and a picture window in the center. This eliminated all center bars from the viewing ares which opened up the breakfast nook. In addition the glass in these windows is our ‘Safeguard Extreme’ glass, Click Here to check out our video to see what these windows can really do.

Exterior and interior view of our half circle window mulled on top of an XOX window.

Notice the crystal clear view looking outside. Our windows greatly reduce glare. In windows terminology, the ‘X’s move, and the ‘O’s do not. So in the above window, the two small windows on the side slide over the middle.

Exterior and interior view of our dual pane half circle window mulled on top of an XOX window in Phoenix.

The homeowner wanted the top half circle to be split into three windows so that the bars on the top would meet with the meeting rails on the XOX window.

Interior and exterior view of our double pane half circle single hung windows in Scottsdale.

Single hung windows have a bottom sash that slides up for ventilation. Notice that there is no bar at the top where the half circle begins. Other window companies have to use two separate windows to fill this opening which creates that extra bar in your sight line. Again, notice the crystal clear view looking out to the front yard. On the exterior of the window, notice the broad stucco flange. This allows us to greatly reduce stucco damage.

Before and after of our half circle mulled on top of a single sliding window.

The old windows were faded black aluminum with a dark solar screen, no solar screen is needed anymore because our Zo-E Extreme glass allows the light in but blocks more heat that a solar screen.

Exterior and interior view of our aluminum clad wood half circle with extended legs picture window.

Our aluminum clad windows have a heavy extruded aluminum skin on the outside and solid wood interiors. The aluminum skin protects from the elements. The grids you see in the windows are simulated divided light. Each bar that you see is actually three bars. One adhered to the exterior of the glass, one in between the two layers of glass, and one adhered to the interior of the glass. So it gives the illusion of the bar cutting completely through the glass. This is a perfect option for people who want their windows to look historically correct. Even though the glass has a slight greenish hue from the outside, again notice the crystal clear view from the inside out.

Before and after – Arizona room in Sun City West

The old windows were aluminum with plastic sheeting in place of the glass. We tore out all of the aluminum, re-framed it with 4×4 construction to accept deeper, more energy efficient replacement windows. Our Zo-E Extreme glass is much more energy efficient than any Low-E argon filled window. This Arizona room needed the most efficiency it could possibly get. The window that’s opened on the far right is a crank out casement. Please notice the three point lock. The rest of the windows are single sliders and picture windows.

Before and after view of our ‘Krasiva Visions’ palladium window. A palladium window is a small half circle over a broad rectangle window in Glendale.

In this case there are actually four separate windows in one opening. Notice the old, dark aluminum window with all the little squares looks very busy. The new dual pane windows have no grids and looks a lot brighter and more open. It’s amazing how just replacing the windows in your home can be like a face-lift.

Exterior and interior view of our ‘Krasiva Visions’ picture windows in Paradise Valley.

Notice how the massive 8′ X 5′ picture windows appear to open up the house to the outside mountain views. They also enhance the colors by eliminating glare.

Before and after in Sun City.

This customer had silver aluminum windows with aluminum louvered screens (Wow, talk about absorbing heat!) The new windows really open up the front of the house.

Before and after in Avondale.

We replaced dual pane aluminum windows that were installed in 2004 and were extremely inefficient. The new windows we installed were dual pane aluminum clad wood windows with our Zo-E glass. The interior of the new double pane windows that you see is solid knotty alder. The only draw back to installing windows like these is that usually they are incompatible with previous widow treatments. As long as you’re willing to purchase new window treatments, this is a wonderful option if you like your windows to look like beautiful furniture.

Before and after in Scottsdale.

Notice that we replaced the front door as well as the window. The old window was a silver aluminum single pane window. Being that this windows was 10′ in width (which is too wide for an XOX window in dual pane) we replaced the window with three separate windows. (A casement on the left – a casement on the right – and a fixed picture window in the middle) A casement window cranks out like a door. The nice thing about casements is that depending on the direction the air is flowing you can crank open one side or the other to scoop air into the house. Another benefit of the casement is that they shut like a refrigerator which allows for a tighter seal.

Before and after in Phoenix.

The old windows were steel casements we replaced it with our ‘Krasiva Visions’ picture window. The grids in the new window are in between the glass which makes it much easier to clean compared to the old steel casements.

Before and after in Scottsdale.

The old windows were brown aluminum windows with dark solar screens. This customer had a hard time getting light into their house. They do not have that problem anymore. Now they can get light without the heat.

Before and after in Phoenix.

The old steel casement windows were painted shut and the diamond pattern in the large window in the front was a little but noisy. We replaced that windows with a large fixed picture window with no diamonds for viewing and a small crank out casement on each side with diamonds. Notice how much cleaner the home looks.

Before and after.

More dark aluminum windows with solar screens. Again notice the broad stucco flange around the window to reduce the need of stucco repair. We think it makes our windows look a lot more dramatic and rich looking.

Before and after.

The old window was a silver aluminum window with solar screens. Notice the hail marks on the screens. We installed our ‘Krasiva Visions’ window with Zo-E Extreme glass. Now there’s no need for the solar screens and the glass in our window is double strength glass which is much more capable of taking hail strikes.

Before and after.

The old window was an aluminum XOX where the two sides slide to the middle. We replaced this with three separate single hung windows mulled together. Now the ventilation runs all the way across the bottom half. Also notice that the house has been painted as well.

Before and after in Phoenix.

The old window was a steel casement with nine separate pieces of glass. A lot of people think that the steel bars in the window add to security but in reality an invader would just break one piece of glass next to the crank and crank the window open. We installed out “Krasiva Visions’ replacement window with a large viewing picture window in the center and a small single hung window on each side to allow for ventilation on the bottom. The result, a lot cleaner and open appearance.

Before and after in Phoenix.

Notice in the after picture the home has been painted as well. If possible, you should always do the replacement windows in your home prior to repainting the exterior. This is the best way to achieve that brand new home look.

Before and after in Scottsdale.

We replaced old double pane brown aluminum windows with grids in the glass.  We installed crank out casements on either side with a picture in the center to capture airflow from either direction the wind is blowing and we eliminated the grids in the glass to clean up the view. Again notice the house was painted after the installation of the new replacement windows which really makes it look like a brand new home.

Before and after in Phoenix.

This Arizona room had lots of things going on that had been altered and changed many times over the years. It obviously needed more than just a window replacement, it needed a redesign as well. We think you can see for yourself the improvement that comes from a good window design and installation.

Before and after in Chandler.

The old dual pane aluminum windows needed the solar screens because even though there were two panes of glass, there was no radiant barrier on the glass. The new windows are infinitely more efficient without the solar screens, much more attractive, and these windows are made out of our Safeguard Extreme glass. Check out our video for a demonstration on this glass. This customer truly got everything in one.

Before and after in Phoenix.

The old windows were single pane silver aluminum windows that rattled if there was a noise outside. Our new ‘Krasiva Visions’ replacement windows greatly reduced the sound transmission for this customer.

Before and after in Sun City West.

The old windows were dual pane white aluminum windows. Notice in the before picture the bottom window is a single slider with the vertical bar in the middle extending up into the customers sight line. They still wanted ventilation so we put the large picture window over a short single slider on the bottom. This opened up their view considerably and made their dining room appear larger.

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