Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

We offer and install one of the best sliding doors available in Arizona.

Krasiva Visions Sliding Doors Exterior and Interior

Our sliding patio doors are available in different configurations.

  • A two-wide panel (Standard)
  • A three-wide panel
  • A four-wide panel (The two center panels open to create a wide opening in the center)

Our sliding doors are aluminum sub-structured vinyl doors from our signature “Krasiva Vision” line, using Zo-E Extreme glass for extreme energy efficiency.  Security features include 2 point locks and safeguard glass (Click here to watch our video demonstrating the glass).

“Krasiva Vision” sliding patio doors feature heavy extruded aluminum sub-structure, vinyl construction, and low-maintenance beauty.  The sliding doors operate smoothly and easily slide open from one side to direct fresh air and light into any room.  Plus, their streamlined appearance complements both traditional home designs as well as modern architectural styles.

We also offer vinyl-clad wood or aluminum-clad wood sliding doors. These are a must if you desire the warm look of wood interiors, while having the protection from the elements on the exterior.

Krasiva Visions Huge Four Panel Sliding Doors

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