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We offer a wide selection of Replacement French doors to fit any need and design. Fiberglass French doors, Vinyl clad wood French Doors (vinyl outside/wood inside for staining), and Aluminum clad wood French doors (aluminum  outside/wood inside for staining). We even offer sliding French doors for people that want the French door look but don’t have the room for the doors to swing  in or out.


Our doors are not like the stock new home construction doors (one size and finish fits all) that you find at your local home improvement store. Our beautiful doors allow you to welcome the world to your home in style.


Fiberglass French Doors

Our fiberglass doors have the most strength of any fiberglass door system because they are constructed with LVL or OSB styles. This is what makes warping a thing of the past. As far as denting, it would require 10 times as much force to dent a fiberglass door compared to a steel door and it is twice as efficient. Also, fiberglass will not rot.

If you are looking for something even more secure, they can be outfitted with multi-point locks (locks in 3 different places on the door frame) which greatly increase security.

Each door is made to order for the depth of the wall, sill depth, wood grain type, glass type, hinge finish, hardware, door height grid configuration (inside the glass or outside the glass) and even strike routes.  All of this guarantees the best possible decor matching and cleanest French door installation for your home.

Our replacement Fiberglass Doors come in both textured and smooth skins. Wood-grain textured fiberglass entry doors offer luxurious wood grains (Oak, Mahogany, and Douglas fir) for staining. The grains are random, just like real wood, so it is very difficult to tell the difference. We also have many decorative glass options available to make any entry way truly grand.

Fiberglass French door configurations we offer:

  • Single French doors
  • Single French door with a sidelight (Our sidelites can be venting sidelites with a screen on the outside).
  • Single French door with 2 sidelights
  • Double French doors

We even offer ‘sofa sidelites’, the sidelite opens like another door along with the main door to bring in large objects like a sofa.

Smooth Fiberglass doors have a slick smooth surface for painting. Once painted, they look identical to painted wood.

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Should you order doors pre-painted or pre-stained from the factory?

You can, yes, but we don’t recommend it. The factories would prefer us to sell the doors that way –  It’s more profit for the factory if they can capture the income that would normally be paid to a painter or stainer. The problem with that is the finish-work can be marred during the remodel.

Although pre-finishing sounds convenient, it is the #1 way to create an unhappy customer.

All home builders know this. That is why they lay the foundation, frame everything up, install the roof, install all windows and doors, drywall and install the flooring. After they have completed everything else they call in the painters and stainers last. The truth is that it is better to do the finish work when the construction is finished. That’s why it is called “FINISH WORK”.

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Although pre-finishing sounds convenient, it is the #1 way to create an unhappy customer. Most home-owners do not realize you are not just putting a new door on the old hinges. You are replacing the jambs and there will need to be new trim on the interior and exterior too. All of this has to be nailed, screwed and cut. If everything is pre-finished then you will have to have a painter or stainer to come afterwards to do touch-up paint or stain. The touch-up will never match the factory finish and will look like patch. The factory doesn’t care about that. You paid for a pre-finish, they aren’t responsible for construction damage.

It is much better to finish the doors after the install. The customer can pick the colors accurately first hand (instead of using a catalog with disclaimers about how the colors you are picking from may not be the actual colors) and everything will match.

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Clad Wood French Doors

(our most expensive and versatile French doors)

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Solid wood doors have the inherent problem of the wood being exposed to water, sun, extreme fluctuations in humidity and temperature, all of which wood doesn’t respond to very well. Wood on the inside, in a controlled environment, allows for the enjoyment of its natural beauty, while the clad exterior seals off the wood from the environment; greatly reducing the possibility of warping, cracking and peeling.  Just like the rafters in one’s attic; they stay in good shape, even though they are unpainted, because they are sealed off from the water and sun.

We also offer vinyl clad wood (our Aspire series) French doors and aluminum clad wood (our signature series or premium series) French doors.  The term “clad” refers to the outer skin of the door system.  Example: Vinyl clad wood means the outside of the door has a vinyl skin to protect the wood from the weather.  The inside of the door is wood for staining or painting.

All of the clad wood swinging French doors come with 3 point locks for increased security. If you couple this with our “Safeguard extreme” glass, you will have all the security and energy efficiency one could want in a French door.

Our replacement Clad wood French doors are available in the following configurations:

  • Single panel French doors
  • Double French doors
  • Center-hinge French doors with a sliding screen
  • Sliding French doors with a sliding screen
  • Triple French doors
  • 4 panel French doors
  • French doors with 1 or 2 side-lites
  • French doors with operating casement windows on either side that swing out and have screens on the inside.
  • (See examples in our door photo gallery by clicking here)

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All of the clad wood swinging French doors come with 3 point locks for increased security. If you couple this with our “Safeguard extreme” glass (Click Here for our video demonstration), you will have all the security and energy efficiency one could want in a French door (not available in our fiberglass French door lines line). Our clad wood sliding French doors come with 2 point locks and the same option of “Safeguard extreme” glass.

Our vinyl clad wood Aspire series comes in 3 exterior color options. The interior is either pine for staining or primed for paint.

Our aluminum clad wood Premium series comes standard in 47 exterior colors. The interior comes standard in pine, knotty alder or douglas fir. Optional wood species include maple, oak, clear alder, cherry or mahogany.

When it comes to replacement French doors there is just about nothing your mind can conceive that we can’t achieve for you.

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