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French casement windows are very similar to double casement windows. The main difference between them is that a double casement window is two separate window frames mulled together in one opening.

Each of the mulled casements has its own crank handle so you can only open one at a time. When you open both of them, there is a stationary vertical bar in the center of your view where the two frames meet which hinders your view of the outside.

A French casement window only has one crank handle which operates both of the sashes so they both open and close at the same time with one action. Both sashes are in the same frame, so there is no bar in between blocking your view when they are opened.

French Casement Window
French Casement Windows

These windows don’t typically come with screens; however, French casements do have an optional screen that rolls down from the top of the frame – a retractable screen – if necessary.

The locking mechanism on French casement windows is more sophisticated than almost any other window. We highly recommend these types of windows be installed by a professional window company. If they are not installed just right the window will not operate correctly. Due to the way they lock together and operate, there is very little margin for error.

Benefits of French Casement Windows

  1. Convenience – One crank handle opens both sashes at the same time.
  2. Beauty – There is no center bar to block your view when the sashes are open.
  3. Practicality – They make a great pass-through window when installed in an outdoor entertaining area.

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