With gorgeous scenery and vibrant outdoor activities, Arizona offers a healthy lifestyle to its residents year-round. However, most of the state is desert, succumbing to hot days throughout the summer. If your Arizona home is an older model, you may have poorly efficient windows. Allowing heat to move between the outside and inside, the best replacement windows should have some specialized construction, from dual pane windows to gas-filled selections.

Multiple Panes

One of the best energy efficient windows is a multiple pane model. Using two layers of glass, the panes have trapped air between them. The glass itself forms a barrier to heat and sunlight radiation, along with the air acting like an insulating barrier. In essence, the window construction is similar to a wall, using two layers of drywall with insulation filling the space. Select from double pane windows to see the difference in your air conditioning bill.

Microscopically Thin Films

Low E, or low emissivity glass is one of the standard Energy Star rated windows. This glass is essentially customized for its location, using a microscopically thin metallic film as a barrier to sunlight radiation. For example, Arizona homes may want a tinted low E glass to stop sunlight from entering the home and fading furniture or flooring. Because outdoor sunlight is essentially bounced off of the windows, you save significant money on cooling and heating the home. You do not lose energy from sunlight pouring in the home.

The Gas Factor

Another dual pane glass selection is filled with gas, instead of air. Although this particular change may not seem significant, an argon gas filled window provides more insulation from the desert heat. Argon, as a natural element, is heavier than air. As a result, its atoms form a thicker barrier to heat loss. Although you cannot see it between the glass, argon provides energy-savings all year-round.

Combining All Factors

If you are looking for a window that combines multiple protective coatings that far exceed the standard Low E glass and gas-filling then look no further than Zo E Shield Extreme. This specialized window model brings all of the best energy savings to your home. Your home will feel more comfortable, whether it is warm or cool outside.

Your home’s windows are one of the top spaces for energy loss, from old single pane construction to drafty frames. Consider new windows, with modern construction, for your next remodeling project. Over time, you’ll see your energy bills drop, allowing you to enjoy your home more with little money being wasted by inefficient windows.