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We offer and install the best energy efficient replacement windows in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Peoria, Scottsdale, Sun City, Gilbert, Sun City West, Tempe or anywhere else in the valley.

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We carry many different lines of energy efficient window replacement in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and clad wood windows. They come in both double pane (dual pane) and triple pane glass packages.  None of them however, compare to our signature “Krasiva  Visions” window.

Our Signature “Krasiva Visions” Replacement Window.

We aren’t the least expensive, but we are the best for the price.

Exterior Krasiva Visions Picture Windows

Krasiva Visions Picture Windows Exterior

Interior Krasiva Visions Picture Window

Krasiva Visions Picture Windows Interior

If you are looking for extreme energy efficiency, longevity and security in a dual pane window, this is the window for you. Our “Krasiva Visions” window replacement is custom built for us with enhanced features to exceed anything normally available to any other company.


Do You Want the Most Energy Efficient Window You Can Get?

The “Krasiva Visions” line comes standard with Zo-E Extreme glass; “The worlds’ greatest energy glass”, which exceeds the 2015 Energy Star requirements for windows by far and even out-performs heavy triple pane low E argon filled glass.


Krasiva Visions Windows and French Door

Do You Want a Window That Provides the Ultimate in Security?

As far as security windows go, there is nothing better than our signature “Krasiva Visions” window.  Typically there are 2 ways to break into a window.

1. Pry the sash open and crawl through.

2. Break the glass, unlock the sash to open it and then crawl through. A normal dual pane window or triple pane window can be easily broken by throwing a brick or rock through both or all three layers. Tempered glass (such as the glass in sliding doors) is the easiest glass for someone to break into because it is designed to break away completely into small pieces upon impact which assures they won’t be hurt while walking through.


Our solution to prying the window open:

To strengthen the frame against prying our signature replacement window isn’t just steel or aluminum reinforced it actually has a “Steel Rebar” substructure in the meeting rails and the sashes without sacrificing energy efficiency. This makes prying the window open highly unlikely.

Our solution to breaking the glass:

(Please watch the video below)

Beautiful Polarizing View Vision Window

Krasiva Visions Polarizing View

Do You Want a Strong Window Frame For Longevity?

One of the most important features of our “Krasiva Visions” vinyl window line is the Multi-Chambered design.  This eliminates the possibility of warping and provides the optimum solution for our extreme Arizona climate.

It is practically unparalleled in strength with 220% more chambering than a typical vinyl frame. Now that’s an energy efficient window!


Do You Have a Noise Problem or Are a Light Sleeper?

Zo-E Extreme shield glass goes a long way to reduce outdoor sound.  The safeguard version offers an even more substantial, increased level of sound reduction compared to any double pane window replacement on the market.


Half Circle Above XOX Interior Krasiva Windows

Krasiva Visions Special Venting Half Circle

Would You Like to Improve Your View?

Visually, our glass has a slight hue looking from the outside to inside.  However, when looking out, it is clear, with a polarizing effect (like polarized sunglasses), sharpening all the detail and colors.


 This treatment also virtually eliminates glare.  It can turn just about anything into something worth seeing.
In an analogy: A phone used to be something to call people with.  Now our phones do everything for us.  A window used to be just something to look through. The “Krasiva Visions” line is the ultimate energy efficient window, longevity and security, in addition to being truly beautiful to look through.


Our signature window as well as the other windows we carry (Vinyl, Aluminum or Clad Wood window lines) are available in all the following replacement window configurations: Picture Window (fixed), Casement Window, Single Hung Window, Double Hung Window, Single Slider Window, Double Slider Window, Triple Slider Window, and Awning Window configurations.

Our Featured “Krasiva Visions” Window Replacement Offers:

  • Proprietary Zo-E Extreme Glass – “The world’s greatest energy glass” even outperforms triple pane, low E, argon windows.
  • Proprietary Zo-E Safeguard Extreme Glass (Optional) – Impact resistant glass for security and maximum sound reduction.
  • Steel Reinforced Frames and Sashes for all Single Slider and Single Hung window configurations – for strength and security.
  • Increased Chambering – for strength and efficiency.
  • Third party certified Green.
  • Embedded Cam Locks – for security.
  • Tilt in Sashes – for ease of cleaning. (May not function with all window treatments)
  • Sloped Sill Monorail Design – no need for impractical weep holes that get clogged.  Water runs off the window rather than into the frame.
  • The Warm Edge Spacer – to prevent temperature transfer from one pane of glass to another.
  • Argon/Krypton filled glass Without Capillary Tubes – the best way to maintain the amount of Argon/Krypton fill.
  • All Proprietary Vinyl Frames – made with UV inhibitors to protect against the sun in our desert climate.

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