Doors Photo Gallery

Doors Photo Gallery

Interior and exterior in Mesa

The sliding door we installed in this customer’s home is an OXXO (O’s don’t move, and X’s open – so in this door system, the two doors in the center slide out to create almost 6′ of clear opening in the center) aluminum clad wood sliding french door. Click here to view the customer’s testimonial video about the work we did for them.

Before and after in Scottsdale

The old wooden door was dried, split, and warped beyond refinishing. Our new replacement entry door we installed is a mahogany grained fiberglass door system. Our replacement door is 6x more energy efficient than a traditional wood door. We installed a multi-point lock for increased security. Notice the side light to the right of the door handle is an operable sidelight which makes it what we call a sofa door. When bringing something large into the house you can open the front door and the sidelight, in this case creating an approximately 4′ wide opening.

Before and after in Mesa

We removed the old double french door and security bars. The replacement french door we installed is a single panel french door with no dividing lights. On either side of the french door are integrated venting sidelights with multi-point locks. The result of this door installation opened up the view to the backyard while still allowing for ventilation.

Before and after in Mesa

This is the interior shot of the replacement french door from the previous picture.

Before and after in Chandler

The old wood french doors had only one side that opened up. Our new replacement french doors are vinyl clad wood doors, wood on the inside for staining, and a vinyl skin on the outside for protection from the elements. The security of this door is impressive because the lock is multi-point lock system. It has a deadbolt that has a deadbolt and a bolt that shoots into the top and the bottom. The glass in the door is our Safeguard Extreme glass, Click Here to see our video demonstrating this glass.

Before and after in Scottsdale

The old door was a dual pane aluminum sliding door with very poor energy efficiency or security. Our new replacement sliding door is an aluminum clad wood (Wood interior for staining, an aluminum skin on the outside to protect from the elements) raised panel sliding french door. For security this door has our Safeguard Extreme glass and again, multi-point locks. Notice we painted the home as well which really set the doors off.

Interior and exterior shot in Glendale

This is our Aspire Series vinyl clad exterior, wood interior, triple panel french door. This is a center hinged french door. Notice on the interior picture the four hinges are in the center between the active door and the stationary door. This means only one of the three door panels opens which allows us to put a sliding screen over the center door. These doors are custom sized in both width and height up to eight feet tall. The doors in this home have multi-point locks and out Safeguard Extreme glass. In summary, combining the multi-point locks with glass that is extremely difficult to break into makes this combination the best for security.

Before and after in Scottsdale

The old double wood doors were dried, cracked, and warped. This customer needed more light in the foyer. Our new replacement fiberglass entry doors have triple pane decorative glass to allow for enhanced light and multi-point locks for additional security. Notice after these doors are stained you would never know it’s not a real wood door.

Two after pictures showing the sidelights closed, and opened in Sun City West

The old door was an aluminum single pane sliding door. The new replacement french door and sidelights are vinyl clad wood with multi-point locks and Safeguard Extreme glass. You can crank the sidelights out for airflow, but once you crank them shut and lock them you are safe. The screens for the sidelights are on the inside of the home.

Exterior and interior in Paradise Valley

The replacement sliding doors we installed in this customer’s home are ‘Krasiva Visions’ triple panel sliding patio doors. Notice the open view.

Open and closed after photos in Phoenix

This is an all aluminum light commercial OXXO sliding door. Notice the wide opening in the center leading out to the patio. Being that it is all aluminum, it can never be as energy efficient as out ‘Krasiva Visions’ line, but when you want that more commercial look, this sliding door system fits the bill.

Before and after in Scottsdale

Everyone ignores the laundry room door that leads to the garage. This just goes to show what a major improvement in appearance that can be achieved by installing a new fire door. Our new replacement fire door even has a multi-point lock to assist in security while out of town. The garage is one of the weak spots in most homes. 

Before and after in Phoenix

We replaced three old wood french doors with much more energy efficient vinyl clad wood french doors. These doors come standard with a multi-point lock. 

Before and after

The old sliding patio door was single pane silver aluminum with a doggy door insert. We installed our ‘Krasiva Visions’ sliding patio door. This is the most energy efficient sliding patio door we carry.

Before and after in Phoenix

The old sliding patio door and kitchen window were mulled together with a steel post in between them to support the lintel. The old window was a sliding window. We did install our ‘Krasiva Visions’ sliding patio door and the new window, but the window is now three separate windows. A crank out casement on each side and a picture window in the middle. We did mull the sliding door and window together while keeping the steel post between them.

Before and after in Phoenix

The old wooden door was a single 3′ wide door with no glass. We widened the opening and installed a new header to support the wider opening. We then installed our fiberglass replacement entry door with two sidelights. The result in increase in light coming into the foyer really made this customer happy.

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